Westie Show News Webmaster

Westie Show News Webmaster

Nicole Decock

As webmaster of Westie show news, I wish you an enjoyable stay on my site,

My purpose is to make this site The place where you will find all info about Westies


I want to thank everybody who is sending in showresults, pictures and more,…..

I can not do this without your help, thank zzz….,


This website is set up with the intention of

giving as much information about westies show

as I can obtain. So if you have information about shows,

places, judges, and dates you are very welcome to mail those to me.

Also, all show results all over the world I will

be happy to publish those. If you have pictures

from those shows send them along. Since I want to

do this worldwide I need your help to get

all those information

Membership Info Click Here

YOU do not have to be a member to send in show results and pictures,

membership is only if you want a kennel advertisement,

an ad for your studdogs or champions or little mentioned

Or want to complete for the Westie Top 10 or other features members get

If you do NOT have a website but want to join westies show news as member

I can arrange for you to have your own site

For info about that, you can mail me for details


You can take the banner below if you want to make a link

to my site on yours, link it back to http://www.westieshownews.com

Left click on the banner and on the next page you can safe it by rightclick


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